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R&R Ice Cream


To grow distribution of the Magnificent Seven range within the independent sector. Rolling out across 24,000 outlets from March to September.


We recruited a team of 55 experienced sales representatives throughout the nation. Each campaign ran on a 3-week cycle, including positioning of POS Material, taking transfer orders and relationship building as well as increasing distribution.

What we achieved

In both March and June, targets for ‘orders to calls' were exceeded – with rates of 41 per cent in March and 47 per cent in June.

Though notoriously tricky to assess accurately, Nielsen figures show an increase in penetration from 9.2 per cent to 9.6 per cent during the period of the promotion. There was an overall increase in market share of 22 per cent, with a significant gain from the independent sector targeted by the Mitchell Stephenson campaign. The most recent Nielsen figures show R&R's share of the independent sector has continued to grow – up now to 10.4 per cent. This continued growth is directly attributable to the campaign.

For every pound spent by R&R Mitchell Stephenson returned £1.87 in RSV value in 2007 – an excellent return on investment.

Overall in 2007, while the total ice cream sector was down eighteen per cent, R&R and its Magnificent Seven increased their sales by 11 per cent – showing that campaigns like this one have both increased volume and made significant inroads into the share of competitors.

The campaign was so successful that it was rolled out a second time in 2008 – with strike rates this time up to 46 per cent and 50 per cent in the first half of the year, and again we continue with them into 2011

What they said

Martin Williams of R&R Ice Cream

Mitchell Stephenson has more than exceeded our expectations. The agency not only worked hard to deliver strong sales growth – it has gained us share and sales above those we initially projected. The continued roll out has got even better still. In a highly competitive market and in a difficult to reach sector, Mitchell Stephenson have been real stars, helping us to grow our share and to build significant volume and revenue in a very tough market”

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“Mitchell Stephenson have been real stars, helping us to grow our share and to build significant volume and revenue in a very tough market...”

- Martin Williams, R&R Ice Cream