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To merchandise the entire Playmobil product range, audit product availability, increase facings, and bring stock forward from stock room and merchandise.

To check POS compliance, present out of stocks and off sales to store management and elicit their ongoing support in maximising ‘shoppable availability' and maintenance of good display disciplines.


We currently use a team of 66 experienced merchandising personnel to visit every Toys R Us in the UK - 75 national stores in total - as well as offering ongoing merchandising support since 2008.

What we achieved

An increase in bays, fully branded fixtures, end caps and side caps. Increase in stock levels and facings, Planogram implementation and compliance.

Overall increase in sales of over 16.5% average per annum..

What they said

Graham Brennan of Playmobil UK

Mitchell Stephenson have supported the Playmobil merchandising in Toys R Us UK for over 5 years resulting in a major reduction in out of stocks and overall increase in sales of 16.5% average per annum. We look forward to working with their team for many positive sales years to come.

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“a major reduction in out of stocks and overall increase in sales of 16.5%...”

- Graham Brennan, Playmobil UK