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Collection 2000


Calling upon 328 Lloyds Pharmacies and 44 Co-Op Pharmacies to ensure C2000 stand is to Planogram standards, ensure the correct promotion is in place and to place an order in each outlet visited (minimum order value £250).


We have had an ongoing team of 65 representatives working nationally on the campaign since April 2009. The whole of the UK is split by territory and each representative manages their own set allocation of pharmacies.

Call file is split by frequencies, with each pharmacy receiving a 4, 8, or 12 weekly visit dependent on size and turnover.

Representatives ensure they achieve at least an 80% Strike Rate on the AOV each visit.

What we achieved

An approximate total order value of £500,000 over the 12 month period 08-09. Currently running at the same financial target for 09-10

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